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PicoLaser Q switch Nd yag Laser Machine Model SR-2
Laser type:  Lite pico laser 
Laser wavelength: 1064nm, 532nm
Laser energy intensity: 0~1500mj 
Laser frequency: 1-10Hz
Power: 800W 
Life time: 1,500,000 shots
Indicator light: Red infrared light
Touch screen: 8 inch touched screen
Pulse width: 8-10ns  
Tips: 1064mm & 755nm tip (Standary,532mm & Carbon tip optional)
Cooling system: Semi-conductor cooling+ Water cooling+Wind cooling  
Demension: 55*37.5*43cm(main machine), 61*44*110cm(trolley)
Weight: 18kg(main machine), 25kg(trolley)

PicoLaser Q switch Nd yag Laser Machine

Laser Technology: 

     Picolaser is using the instant emission of high-energy laser, so that the pigment particles are irradiated absorb energy instant rupture, become part of a more tiny nibs excreted in part by human macrophage phagocytosis and excreted through the lymphatic system, in order to get rid of pigment. Since the normal tissue of 1064nm, 532nm laser absorption rarely without harming normal tissue, thus maintaining the integrity of the cell frame, it provided no scar formation, which is currently unmatched by any other method of treatment safety, so to ensure the greatest degree of customers will not be disturbed postoperative complications. 

     In deep skin to form millions or more "empty", thus widely, densely stimulate fibroblast response generated collagen fiber and elastic fiber, so that the whole face skin whiten, tighten and improve. Honeycomb focusing lens can accurate focusing laser energy, release shocks efficient startup repair growth factor, stimulate collagen regeneration, so there is scar tissue repair, the effect of wrinkles, become a new type of skin cleansing artifact. 

 1. Long life time 2000000 shots;
 2. With special picolaser tips ( focused lens) for pore shrinkage, skin rejuvenation)
 3.2000mj high power, good effect with immediate result.
 4.It has narrow pulse width, that makes skin
 with less pain, more comfort during treatment.


Machine Details:  

1. Tattoo removal
 2. Tattooed eye line/lip line removal
 3. Spots/pigmentation removal
 4. Black Doll treatment (With applying carbon cream on face): for deep skin cleansing, skin pores shrinking, skin rejuvenation.  

Before and After Treatment:


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