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Hyaluronic injection microneedle water mesotherapy gun
Needle Type: 31G, Spin Multi Needle Type
Needle Penetration Control: 0.5mm Interval 0.2mm
Type of Syringe: 1cc 2cc,3cc 5cc
Operation Mode: Intermittent, Continuous
Voltage Frequency: DC12V or DC24V,50~60Hz
Dimension: W X D X H mm Injector 310x52x172
Body: 232x248x128mm
Panel Gun LCD: 1.4 Inch
Body _CD: 4.3 Inch, Touch Screen
Weight: 2.4kg

Hyaluronic injection microneedle water mesotherapy gun 

What is water mesotherapy gun

Vital injector warter mesotherapy gun as one of outstanding beauty equipment invention, adopting needle and vacuum technology to directly inject hyaluronic acid into the skin which makes the facial skin moisturizing and soft, bright and you will have the smooth and bright skin just like an actor. Vacuum suction system lightly lift skin up before injection then slightly release suction before pulling out the needle , without damage to skin and vessel. It can provide a solution for dehydration in the dermis and remove wrinkles with big difference.

Working Parameters

Machine type

Facial treatment water mesotherapy gun

Needle Type

31G, Spin Multi Needle Type

Needle Penetration Control 

0.5mm Interval 0.2mm

Type of Syringe 

1cc 2cc,3cc 5cc

Operation Mode

Intermittent, Continuous

Voltage Frequency

DC12V or DC24V,50~60Hz


W X D X H mm Injector 310*52*172



Panel Gun LCD

1.4 Inch

Body _CD

4.3 Inch, Touch Screen



Deeply Moisturizing Mesotherapy Gun Treatment Handle Introduction

Treatment of Sunlight water mesotherapy gun

Perfect vacuum technique lifting facial level to avoid nerve and blood vessel hurt, release pressure after injection to avoid dose waste

. Skin Whitening and Moisturizing
. Vacuum injection to smooth and bright skin
. Face lifting and rough pores shrinking
. Skin Dark heavy and sebum secretion pimples
. Skin rejuvenation and fine wrinkle

Before & After


. Capable of setting needle penetration depth and drug dosage by touch panel
. 5-Pin multi-needle system of skin rejuvenation mesotherapy gun for efficient delivery of drug
. Capable of injecting drugs at constant depth into the skin tissue using vacuum system
. Capable of injected drugs with high viscosity 
. Perfect vacuum technique avoid dosage waste 
. Dose access to fascia layer effect stay long
. OLED screen setting ensure intelligent operation 
. One time finish whitening, wrinkle remove and moisturing treatment
. Safe without side effect
. Compact & Portable 

Real Shots of water mesotherapy gun

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